Bell Clubhouse

(Bell, California)

The City requested a community center with ultimate flexibility, yet with finishes appropriate for a prison. Additionally, the exterior finishes had to match the adjacent raw concrete and steel baseball grandstands. Contrary to the finishes, the program called for pre-kindergarten and pre-teen classes during the day, adult dance and movement classes at night, and the ability to use the majority of the footprint for events such as a weekend family movie nights. In consideration of the end-users and in fulfillment of the program, Reveal Studio, Inc. developed an Interior multi-colored Trespa panel wall-system, a movable partition dividing the 2 classrooms that can open completely for larger functions. While the exterior wall materials were concrete, standing seam metal roofing and steel details, Formliners and barrel-vaulted roof profiles were used to soften the look of the building. The San Fernando Valley Chapter of the AIA awarded it the Best Community Development award in ‘06