Egan Residence

This client works with high end automobiles, and commonly has several at the residence, either from visitors or the homeowners. The existing house is a midcentury modern house that was “tired.” In addition to wanting to update the house, there was a 3 car carport that needed to be updated to be a 3 car garage with 3 lifts, so that 6 cars could be parked there.

In design conversations, we talked about intriguing crossover design issues between building and automotive design, noting the dynamic qualities that sound and movement bring to the beauty of cars, which rarely are included in buildings. We talked about Mark Tansey’s Painting “Action Painting” (1981), and how it captures the speed and catastrophe in a frozen snapshot. We ended that discussion talking about Ferraris and all concluded that the early 50’s Testarosa was the favorite, in terms of its aesthetics.

In our design we incorporated those conversations into our design: the rain-screen panels are shaped to mimic the vent panel on a ’56 410 Superamerica. The rain screen panels will be 4 different shades of silver, which will give the illusion the panels are moving or shaking from the engine vibration.
The ancillary garage that replaces the carport is translucent, and the structure is a simple steel frame, allowing the garage to “glow” during sunsets, or when inside lights are on after dusk.

The “clouds” are zinc forms that mimic the curves, shape and color of the test cars of the early years.
Lastly, the butterfly roof lifts up to look under the hood, or out to the road: you make the choice.


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