Schlegel Studios

The ironic dichotomy of the entertainment business, is that companies want to be known, and need to maintain ultimate security; for the sake of the stars and marketing of the projects, they want to be invisible, and for the sake of the marketing of the company, to the right eyes, they want to be seen as progressive and forward thinking. Many times, this is done with intrigue and mystery. Schlegel Studios was famous for sound production of many blockbuster films, but was damaged in a fire. The only things left were the cinderblock walls. While the Studios were being shut down, the owner wanted to create a property that would be enticing to the studio or entertainment R&D group looking for that same intrigue. Using perforated metal, color changing LEDs and considering a variety of paint or no paint options, we used their address of “75” as the marker for the 2 opposite corners to create just such a building.

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